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This routine provides a means to add a monopole and dipole to a HEALPix map.

Location in HEALPix directory tree: src/f90/mod/pix_tools.f90


call add_dipole*( nside, map, ordering, degree, multipoles [, fmissval] )


name & dimensionality kind in/out description
nside I4B IN value of ${N_{\rm side}}$ resolution parameter for input map
map(0:12*nside*nside-1) SP/ DP INOUT HEALPix map to which the monopole and dipole will be added. Those are added to all unflagged pixels.
ordering I4B IN HEALPix scheme 1:RING, 2: NESTED
degree I4B IN multipoles to add. It is either 0 (nothing done), 1 (monopole only) or 2 (monopole and dipole)
multipoles(0:degree*degree-1) DP IN values of monopole and dipole to add. The monopole is described as a scalar in the same units as the input map, the dipole as a 3D cartesian vector, in the same units.
fmissval (OPTIONAL) SP/ DP IN value used to flag bad pixel on input default:-1.6375e30. Pixels with that value are left unchanged.


call add_dipole*(128, map, 1, 2, ($\backslash$ 10.0_dp, 0.0_dp, 1.2_dp, 0.0_dp $\backslash$) )

map is a HEALPix map of resolution ${N_{\rm side}}=128$, with the RING ordering scheme. A monopole of amplitude 10 and a dipole of amplitude 1.2 and directed along the y axis will be added to it.


This section lists the modules and routines used by add_dipole*.

module, containing:


This section lists the routines related to add_dipole*

routine to remove the best fit monopole and monopole from a map.

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