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This IDL facility reads a temperature+polarization Healpix map (T,Q,U) from a binary table FITS file, with optionally the error (dT,dQ,dU) and correlation (dQU, dTU, dTQ) from separate extensions

Location in HEALPix directory tree: src/idl/fits/


IDL> READ_TQU , File, TQU, [Extension=, Hdr=, Xhdr=, Help=, Nside=, Ordering=, Coordsys=]


name of a FITS file from which the maps are to be read

: array of Healpix maps of size ($N_{\rm pix}$,3,n_ext) where $N_{\rm pix}$ is the total number of Healpix pixels on the sky, and n_ext $\le$ 3 is the number of extensions read
Three maps are available in each extension of the FITS file :
-the temperature+polarization Stokes parameters maps (T,Q,U) in extension 0
-the error maps (dT,dQ,dU) in extension 1 (if applicable)
-the correlation maps (dQU, dTU, dTQ) in extension 2 (if applicable)

extension unit from which to read the data (0 based). If absent, all available extensions are read

string variable containing on output the contents of the primary header. (If already present, FITS reserved keywords will be automatically updated).

string variable containing on output the contents of the extension header. If several extensions are read, then the extension headers are returned appended into one string array.

returns on output the HEALPix resolution parameter, as read from the FITS header. Set to -1 if not found

returns on output the pixel ordering, as read from the FITS header. Either 'RING' or 'NESTED' or ' ' (if not found).

returns on output the astrophysical coordinate system used, as read from FITS header (value of keywords COORDSYS or SKYCOORD)


if set, an extensive help is displayed and no file is read


read_tqu reads out Stokes parameters (T,Q,U) maps for the whole sky into a FITS file. It is also possible to read the error per pixel for each map and the correlation between fields, as subsequent extensions of the same FITS file (see qualifiers above). Therefore the file may have up to three extensions with three maps in each. Extensions can be written together or one by one (in their physical order) using the Extension option


This section lists the routines related to read_tqu

version 6.1 or more is necessary to run read_tqu
This HEALPix f90 facility can be used to generate temperature+polarization maps that can be read with read_tqu
This HEALPix IDL facility can be used to write out temperature+polarization that can be read by read_tqu.
read_fits_cut4, read_fits_map
read_tqu, read_fits_s
HEALPix IDL routines to read cut-sky maps, full-sky maps, polarized full-sky maps and arbitrary data sets from FITS files
This general purpose HEALPix IDL facility can be used to read into an IDL structure maps contained in binary table FITS files.
This IDL routine (included in HEALPix package) can be used to extract FITS keywords from the header(s) HDR or XHDR read with read_tqu.


read_tqu, 'map_polarization.fits', TQU, xhdr=xhdr

Reads into TQU the polarization maps contained in the FITS file 'map_polarization.fits'. The variable xhdr will contain the extension(s) header.

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