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Changes between release 1.2 and 2.0

Some new routines have been introduced since version 1.2, as listed below. Most of the routines that already existed now have extended capabilities. Those of them with improved or extended user interface are listed below. They all remain backward compatible (ie, they can be used with codes written around version 1.1 and 1.2 without any edition).

* New routines in version 2.0 include
* median_filter
* nside2templates, same_shape_pixels_ring, same_shape_pixels_nest, template_pixel_ring, template_pixel_nest
* loaddata_healpix: replaces loaddata to avoid conflict with other libraries
* ...

* Routines with extended/improved user interface or new functionalities include
* fits2cl: addition of /RSHOW, /SHOW keywords to plot power spectra while they are read; possibility to read power spectra from a file containing alm coefficients.
* gnomview, mollview, orthview, cartview faster FITS file reading (by up to a factor 6); can deal with WMAP polarized maps FITS format; extension of the OUTLINE keyword to plot set of points; addition of the HBOUND keyword to overplot pixel boundaries; ...
* read_tqu, read_fits_cut4, read_fits_map: addition of output keywords NSIDE, ORDERING, COORDSYS
* reorder: simpler interface to ordering conversion with addition of /N2R and /R2N keywords
* write_tqu, write_fits_cut4, write_fits_sb: faster FITS file writing (by a factor 10 or more);
* ...

Eric Hivon 2010-06-18
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