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Changes between release 2.0 and 2.15a

Several routines have been added or improved since version 2.0, as listed below. Note that thanks to the newer IDL-astron library, FITS read/write routines in IDL-Healpix routines can now deal with FITS files larger than 2GB (on architectures supporting 64bit addressing).
Using 64 bit integers available since version 5.2 of IDL the maximum resolution parameter Nside supported has increased from 213=8192 to 229=536870912, corresponding to $3.46\ 10^{18}$ pixels on the sphere.

* Recent editions (versions 2.15 and 2.15a)
* cartview, gnomview, mollview, orthview:
* export of projected map into a FITS file (FITS keyword), or an IDL array (MAP_OUT option) now available with all viewing routines,
* added CHARTHICK support; accept array of OUTLINE structures (if they have the same fields),
* correction of a bug (in loaddata_healpix) that was affecting the behavior of these viewing routines after consecutive calls with very partial cut-sky and then full-sky data sets [2.15a];
* remove_dipole now outputs the monopole and dipole covariance matrix;
* write_fits_map, write_tqu, write_fits_sb: BAD_DATA keyword added to FITS header;
* update of astron library routines (24-May-2010) for improved WCS support.

* Previous edition (version 2.14a)
* cartview, gnomview, mollview, orthview:
* OUTLINE=, GRATICULE=, IGRATICULE= work again with virtual windows (WINDOW<0)
* YPOS= and RETAIN= keywords active again
* PS= keyword fixed
* orthview: fixed problems with /SHADE keyword, which now outputs 8-byte (instead of 16-byte) PNG files
* ianafast, ismoothing: fixed problem with processing of polarized maps stored in memory.
* ud_grade: improved handling of flagged pixels on Double Precision input maps
* remove_dipole: COORD_IN= and COORD_OUT= now accept lower case values; /SILENT keyword added.
* Old edition (version 2.13)
* new healpix_doc routine to browse HTML and PDF documentations
* cartview, gnomview, mollview, orthview:
* introduction of the TRUECOLORS= keyword to generate color image from 3 channel map
* extended capability of the TRANSPARENT= keyword
* addition of MAP_OUT= to gnomview
* improved compatibility with GDL (free IDL clone). See ``HEALPix Installation Document'' for current GDL limitations.
* update of the IDL-astron library routines, which now require IDL 6.1 or more
* fits2alm: new LMAX= and LMIN= keywords
* fits2cl: new LLFACTOR= keyword
* init_healpix defines substructure with complete path to HEALPix subdirectories (test, data, bin)
* slightly faster write_fits_cut4 and write_fits_sb routines.
* ianafast, ismoothing: solved problem with W8DIR= keyword.

* Older editions (versions 2.11 and 2.12a)
* ianafast, ismoothing, isynfast: the TMPDIR keyword now works properly, and $IDL_TMPDIR is used as the default temporary directory ; more stable behaviour of these routines
* ud_grade:
* correctly flags bad output pixels with bad_data value when upgrading maps
* cut sky map: improved, faster routine, now works for Nside > 8192
* cartview, gnomview, mollview, orthview:
* using a virtual window (ie, setting WINDOW to a negative value) now allows faster generation of GIF and PNG files (especially useful over remote connections);
* addition of RETAIN= keyword;
* deals correctly with user provided MIN and MAX in LOG and ASINH modes
* polarization norm map can be offset (POLARIZATION=1 mode)
* original color table and plot settings are restored when leaving these routines
* orthview: addition of /SHADED keyword for 3D rendering
* issues warning when non-integer pixel indexes are fed to nest2ring, ring2nest, pix2ang_*, pix2vec_*, ...
* ximview:
* fixed problem with cut-sky FITS files
* color scale bar added to PNG output
* version 0.6.2, fixed bug in pixel coordinates
* cosmetic editions to remove_dipole

* New routines in version 2.10 include
* ximview: visualisation routine developed by J. P. Leahy intended for quick-look inspection of HEALPix images (as well as ordinary 2-D images) at the level of individual pixels. Features include panning, zooming, blinking, image statistics and peak finding.
* hpx2gs: turns a healpix data set into a Google Earth/Google Sky-compatible image
* ianafast: interface to (F90) anafast and (C++) anafast_cxx facilities
* isynfast: interface to F90 synfast facility
* ismoothing: interface to F90 smoothing facility
* bin_llcl: C(l) binning
* bl2fits: writes B(l) or W(l) window into FITS file
* neighbours_nest, neighbours_ring: find immediate neighbours of a given pixel
* query_strip: find pixels lying within a colatitude strip
* Routines with extended/improved user interface or new functionalities include
* mollview, gnomview, cartview, orthview:
* ONLINE keyword is now redundant,
* introduction of GLSIZE and IGLSIZE to control automatic labeling of graticules, see Fig. 2 on page [*]
* addition of SILENT and EXECUTE keywords, see Fig. 2 on page [*]
* addition of ASINH keyword to allow better visualisation of highly contrasted maps; see Figure 3 on page [*],
* under certain circumstances, can process high resolution cut sky data sets without creating full sky dummy maps,
* accept gzip compressed FITS files,
* accept polarized cut sky maps,
* accept multi-dimensional online arrays,
* more robust OUTLINE option.

* median_filter: bugs correction
* ud_grade: more robust user interface
* change_polcconv: new /FORCE keyword
* remove_dipole: more accurate
* query_disc: when the disc center is located at one of the poles, only the pixels overlapping with the disc are now returned.
* Miscellaneous
* mollcursor, gnomcursor...: an X11 patch is given so that these routines work under Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

Eric Hivon 2010-06-18
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